Anna Aksenovskaya

LILITH is an experienced guide into the world of modern spirituality, procedural sexologist, psychologist, mystic, host and author of transformational seminars and mysteries.
Master of tantric practices and a transmitter of the knowledge about female nature and sexuality, creator of the professional league “Masters academy”

A close connection with the energies of the dark/black moon ( given by the power of the spiritual name “Lilith”) creates a connection between the world of matter and the more subtle world that is out of reach for our senses, it’s also provides the basis for understanding the meaning of the effects & activity of the Moon.

She conducts the seminars and opening meetings in Moscow, Novosibirsk, Yekaterinburg, Sochi, Voronezh, Kazan, Far East of Russia.
Anna also travels the world passing the knowledge about feminine nature, and is often invited abroad to China, Bulgaria, India, Indonesia, Thailand, and many other countries of the world.

Anna-Lilith is the Research Practitioner of Sexual Mysticism since 2003. In search of inspiration, Anna traveled extensively and studied from spiritual teachers and masters all around the world. She rediscovered her body and plunged into the depths of her soul through dance and movement, music, voice, meditation and tantric practices.
Anna as a practicing psychologist specialised in colour and researched the influence of color on people’s lives, she also studied the properties of stones and minerals.
Today she holistically applies the accumulated knowledge in her seminars.
Currently, Anna is the creator of the professional league “Academy of Masters”, editor of the eponymous journal on self-knowledge, author of therapy programs “Woman’s World”, creator of a series of seminars “Sacred Sexuality”, she performs as an ecstatic dance DJ and organises ethnic concerts, seminars with international masters and well known spiritual teachers.


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