Tantra Couples Training in Bali

Tantra, an ancient Sanskrit word, means to “weave” or “expand.” It is a form of yoga, which means to “join.” To join and expand, to come together, weaving our energies, for the purpose of opening up to the entire universe. Shaped variously by Hindu and Buddhist traditions, sometimes constricted by Confucianism, tantra couples training in Bali in its widest meaning describes an approach to living that links the physical universe to the cosmic whole.

Our couples workshops are a progressive training suitable for couples who are new to tantra couples training in Bali as well as those who are already on their tantric journey together. Couples who are looking to harness their sexual energy to build intimacy not only in the bedroom but also in everyday life, a Tantra retreat is exactly what they’re looking for. While many people believe that Tantra is all about tantric sex and sexuality in general, it is much deeper than that. It includes asanas, mantras, mudras, and energy and chakra work, all work that can be incorporated into your daily life. And when you harness that kind of energy, your entire life improves. Or you can attend an immersive retreat where you can study ancient teachings with an in-house tantra couples training in Bali. In a retreat like this, you will learn how to practice Tantra meditation, Tantra mantra, and other tantric techniques. You will learn about left-hand Tantra and right-hand tantra couples training in Bali and how to incorporate both in your daily life.

As we advance through life, we usually get better and more skilled in many different areas of our life. But when it comes to our love relationships, we often start by falling in love ecstatically, only to end up in indifference, habit and even conflict. We have all the best hand-picked tantra couples training in Bali on our website! You’ll be surprised how much passion you will discover within you on a healing tantric retreat. Your teacher will guide you through different practices and meditation to harness your sexual energy and channel it into creativity. It could be through silent meditation, kundalini, yogic ritual or other healing arts. Book a tantric retreat now!

All exercises of an intimate nature will be done with your partner. This is a retreat of deep individual and relationship nourishment. There will be time each day to swim, relax, have spa treatments and be intimate with your partner. There will be meditations or movement sessions before breakfast and some evening sessions after dinner. You have several options when it comes to couples’ retreats, though an intimacy retreat is really what you should be looking for. You can attend a retreat that offers a few tantra couples training in Bali workshops and spa treatments, like tantric massage, so that you can relax during your vacation while also strengthening your relationship.

Tantric couples courses can boost your relationship fast. All you have to do is make some quality time. Whether for intimacy or for sex, the courses below will improve your relationship and give you many ways to experiment. New ways of being together, tantric ways of relating and connecting. Try it and enjoy.

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