Tantra Retreats

Parimukti Tantra is an international Tantra School offering Tantra Retreats Bali. We offer Tantra Teacher training courses and a safe caring environment where everyone is invited to grow and connect with themselves guided by dedicated grounded trainers.

In this Tantra Retreat in Bali you will be invited to immerse yourself in a range of exploratory and exciting practices with the goal of diving a little deeper into yourself to gain insight on how to live a more complete, connected and confident life.

This course will allow you to drift deeper into your masculine and feminine energy to investigate and integrate self love, self acceptance and self knowledge through active meditation, enquiry, group work, family constellation, intimacy and shadow work. We draw from many tantric traditions from Tibetan tantra to neo tantra to provide the most safe, supportive and empowering trip to the we can.

We invite you to embrace your true divine nature and birth right to shine brightly at centre stage of your own life. Learning to explore and integrate the realisations you have into your daily life.

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