Tantra is one of the oldest healing practices in the world. It means to “weave” weaving the form (the body) with higher consciousness (the soul). Tantra is a science of evolution, unlocking and decoding life’s many mysteries and discovering the mystery of self, self-realization, self-knowledge and self-love. When self-love is awakened, we recognize this as unconditional love in others, our community, humanity and the soul. Discover the awesome world of tantra with online tantra training certification course in Norway, tantra retreat in Norway, online tantra training in Norway.

There are different kinds of tantra retreat in Norway, tantra retreat in Norway practices that will help you move toward higher consciousness. These daily spiritual practices can be things like mantra, working with yantras, yagnas, pranayama (breath work), tantra kriya yoga, tantra meditation techniques, and others.

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One thing I will say, while you might be able to get a tantra certification by going through one of these trainings, it takes daily sustained practice and true experience to truly be able to share the depths of tantra.

This online tantra training in Norway, tantra retreat in Norway certification course will give you a comprehensive understanding of the exhilarating tradition and philosophy of Tantra. This online Tantra course covers the entire Tantra spectrum, touching on its history, development, and the widespread misunderstandings that sections of the public may have about the practice.