Tantra Yoga Retreats in Bali

‘Tantra’ is a Sanskrit word which means ‘woven together’. Tantric teachings are esoteric and most teachings are passed on through direct transmission from teacher to student. Tantra aims to ‘weave’ together different yoga practices and styles of teaching in order to connect with the world around us. Tantra yoga retreats in Bali focuses on continuity of awareness in everyday life, and the teaching that all of life can be sacred when imbued with that intention.

Tantra yoga views the world as a physical manifestation of God and higher consciousness. All things on earth, including yourself, your body, and the people you know are manifestations of the divine. Participating in a yoga retreat that is designed to follow the yoga teachings of Tantra Yoga retreats in Bali is an amazing journey if it is what you are looking for. A life-changing experience embodies feminine qualities you adore and want to tap into, enjoys being comfortable in your body as a woman, transforms any limitations towards expressing your gifts and talents, and explores feminine energy in tantra in a safe space. The feminine way private is a five-day retreat offering a unique synthesis of yoga therapy, Tantra, Ayurveda, and dance happening in lush and divine Ubud, Bali.

Tantra Yoga retreats in Bali is probably one of the most misinterpreted style of yoga. The practice itself combines a lot of asanas, energy work, and mantras. This way, yogis can gain inner power and serenity. ‘Tantra’ means ‘technique’, so this yoga style focuses on personal growth and control in order to reach your full potential. Book a Tantra yoga retreat and prepare to learn how to be in union with the universe!

If you’d like to go beyond learning tantra and actually become a tantra teacher, then you should check out our list of tantra trainings. We’ve got trainings all over the world. One thing I will say, while you might be able to get a tantra certification by going through one of these trainings, it takes daily sustained practice and true experience to truly be able to share the depths of tantra.

Tantra Yoga retreats in Bali works with the five bodies: the physical, the energetic, mental/emotional, wisdom, and the bliss body by combining asana, mantra, mudra and work with the energetic centers of the body called the Chakras. Though many Wisdom Traditions seek to transcend the limitations of the physical experience, Tantra seeks to empower the practitioner to fully inhabit the physical experience and use it as a gateway to the sacred realms of Shakti awakening and enlightenment.

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