200 Hour Tantra Yoga Teacher Training in Bali

Parimukti Tantra Teacher is a 3 week Long 200 Hour Tantra Yoga Teacher Training in Bali and Tantra Retreat Bali integrating the modalities of Tantra, Non Duality, Shadow Work, Intimacy and  Self Inquiry in a practical deep immersive experience that will result in deep transformation.

It is an offering for those who wish to have an authentic experience with the true meanings of tantra and non duality. For those who wish to taste deep contentment, surrender into an expansive space of bliss and contentedness, resolve unresolved pain and and work with toxic shame.

Over this three week course we offer you the opportunity to learn more about self acceptance, self knowledge and self love through practical experience and sharing. This transformation will allow you to live with more purpose, intimacy, clarity and acceptance. We want you to see and share your gifts with the rest of the universe.

On this 200 hour tantra yoga teacher training in Bali you can expect to move through many different emotional, physical, inner and outer realms and to be guided safely through a variety of practices such as self enquiry, conscious touch, family constellation work, fear / death meditations and contemplation, group work and deep transcendent exploration of the masculine and feminine energies that flow within all of us. We will be drawing from a whole range of techniques from Tibetan Tantra, Neo tantra and many other non duality based systems to fully embody tantra and find the right work for the energy of the group

Whether you are looking to take your first steps into becoming a tantra teacher or you simply want to explore yourself in a more empowering, exciting and holistic way, this course provides everything you need to create lasting change in your life.

This 3 week 200 hour tantra yoga teacher training in Bali starts with learning how to accept yourself and becoming fully comfortable in your own skin. We will use tools like meditation, contemplation, group work, family constellation, releasing of the past stories, open sharing and mutual loving feedback.

In the next stage we open a dialogue with our inner masculine and feminine selves and resolve the unresolved pain of our past relationships, we will fully forgive our self and others. We will then begin to work with defining and clarifying our image of our twin flame. We will start moving forward towards manifesting love, affection, pleasure, meaningful relationships and mutual joy. We will use tools like breath work, sacred intimacy, shadow work, inner child work, conscious touch, group sharing and deep partner meditations.

This will lead to a love affair with yourself and result in a complete understanding of your rightful place in the world. You will learn to love, accept and celebrate yourself, you will gain confidence to lead and share your vision with others and invite them to follow you on your path to conscious creation towards building a fulfilling life. you will learn how to draw from an inner reservoir of self understanding, deep trust and loving self respect to take control of your inner and outer world. For this we will use tools like group sharing, self esteem practices and learning to access and trust your higher self.