About Us

Parimukti is a community of like-minded conscious beings. We strive to better understand and express our true selves and to live with the most amount of congruence to the inner and outer world. We invite and support like minded people who are courageous enough to delve deeper into themselves to seek clarity and connectedness for a more blissful life.

We encourage you to live with intention, live with joy and to live with the awareness that you are enough, you are a one of a kind and that you are all you ever need to be right now.

Parimukti is a sanskrit word which means the path to freedom through realisation of who we are. Using the teachings and practices of the yoga tradition, we go on an explorative journey to understanding the nature of our body, mind, and investigate the relationship between ourselves and others. Gaining clarity about our conditioned beliefs allows us to live in freedom and joy.

In this transformative 3 week tantra couples retreat india. You will learn how to, accept yourself as you are and be open to receiving love from your own self and others. you will learn ancient meditation techniques that will allow you to explore, accept and uplift your inner god or goddess. This will enable you to live honestly, communicate openly and attract other souls into your life who wish to express and experience living on a higher spiritual vibration.

Tantra is Ancient wisdom and techniques that are used to heal our inner masculine and feminine. In Tantra teacher training in India we use our two primal forces, fear of death and drive to reproduce. Couples tantra training in India helps you access and heal these energy’s and deal with the primal drives in a positive healing way. This will enable you to attract other people and partners that aid in your growth and spiritual progression.

Masculine and feminine polarity is beyond born biology we all have a mix of energy’s within that when understood, expressed and worked with properly transforms our outward vibration to attract others who help us to grow.