Manifestation Retreat

  1. What is manifestation mechanics of manifestation? we-create from Harmony Using imagination and intent


    define purpose

    power of imagination,

    our subconscious


  1. All creation is complete

    Timeline surfing,

    alternate reality,

    alter ego

    Effort and action

    All desires manifest

    Paradox of desire versus anti desire

    Self sabotage



  1. Reality, dimensions and vibrations,3d vs 4d

    Reality versus imagination,



    Raising your vibration

    Deep distrust of self, you are always the creator

4 .Resonance and polarity

Results with changr in mindset

Power of unshakeable faith

Brazen impudence

Releasing the desire for logic and explanations

Opening your heart to mystery and magic

  1. Blockages and acceptance

Releasing fear and anxiety

Understanding the power of strong negative emotions

Re-creation, revision and letting go

Dissolving false attachments to past people and situations

Complete acceptance of our radiant future