Tantra Essentials

1) Learn To Implement Core Principles of Tantra – In This Course you will Learn understand The Core Principles of Tantra – Without Understanding & Implementing these Core Principles in Life, Transformation became very Slow Process, To Be Successful in Any Therapy Related with Tantra First You Must Know & Understand the Core Principles of Tantra as principles are Principles of Spiritual Transformation.

2) Understand 5 Keys Points Which Leads to Transformation in Tantra

3) Body – Embodiment: Tantra emphasizes the importance of being fully present and embodied in the physical body.

4) Breathing & Breathwork: Conscious and deliberate breathing techniques are an integral part of tantra.

5) Movement and Dance: Movement and dance play a significant role in tantra practices. Through conscious movement, one can express and release emotions, activate energy centers.

6) Sensory Awareness: Tantra emphasizes the awakening and expansion of sensory perception. It involves deepening one’s sensitivity to touch, sound, taste, smell, and sight.

7) Ritual and Ceremony: Tantra often incorporates rituals and ceremonies to create sacred and intentional spaces for exploration. These rituals may involve the use of symbols, sacred objects, mantras, or specific gestures.

8) Creativity and Authenticity: The Role of Tantra in Self-Expression

9) Manifesting Your Desire In Tantra: Tantra is a way of embracing the creative energy of existence and using it to manifest one’s deepest desires and aspirations.

10) Learn How Lead & Conduct Heart Tantra Techniques

11) Understanding importance Of Self-Acceptance:
Self Love – Surrender and Trust: The Heart of the Tantra Path.

12) How to create harmony between Couples: (Masculine & Feminine) How to Understand Your Breathing & Your Partner Breathing Pattern to Create Harmony Between Couples, what correct Breathing rhythm to harmonize energy between to polarities (Masculine & Feminine).

13) Practical Understanding Of Authentic Sacred Chakra Tantra Meditation Techniques.

14) Experience Practical Understanding of Sound & Vibrational base Tantra Meditation Techniques.