Womens sacred awakening training.

The Women’s Awakening Sacred Spiritual Tantra Training course in India is a full year program with the goal of awakening, awakening to higher levels of consciousness. The training will open you to more inspiration and inner knowing, allowing you to respond with wisdom when faced with decision-making situations in your life.

In our women’s awakening, sacred spiritual training course you will be guided through the process of awakening and healing to connect with your core essence. We are here to help you discover your authentic purpose, live from a place of love, and create the life you deserve.

This course offers the opportunity to experience sacred spiritual training, which will empower you to take charge of your life, body and soul. It focuses on opening up heart and mind as well as releasing old wounds and fears. As you work through each module you will continue to draw closer together in community through sharing of stories and practice.

Have you ever dreamed to be a Goddess? Are you curious about the spiritual awakening that occurs when you embrace your divinity and manifest this in the world around you? The Goddess Trainings are for women who feel held back by society, who are tired of being told what they should or shouldn’t be and who want a deeper connection with the divine feminine

Womens awakenings sacred spiritual training course is a program that aims to empower women by awakening the Higher Self within her and ignite her soul. Lead by Annette, this program will awaken your inner flame and bring you into alignment with universal truth and purpose untill you know exactly how it feels to be divinely infused with the feeling of being present in life.

The Goddess Within is a sacred spiritual training course that will take you on a journey of self-discovery. You will begin to find your personal truth; your soul, spirit, mind and body are all connected. The Sacred Path is designed to help you create balance within your life and reach the highest levels of self-mastery. The Goddess Within is for woman who seek to awaken their soul, divine feminine nature and manifest life as her goddess self!

This course is for women who have reached a certain level of enlightenment and are ready to work with the divine feminine energy in a more practical way. This sacred training is for anyone seeking liberation from the illusion of separation and coming home to themselves, their true nature, and their infinite magic.

If you are woman looking for a deeper spiritual understanding, practical life skills and empowerment this is for you. Goddess teachings have been kept secret for centuries. No longer! Join me on my maiden voyage to the other world, where your light will be truly known and shared with an eager audience.

Womens awakening sacred spiritual training course. This course will guide you on your journey to awaken and incarnate into your divine feminine. The program is designed to bring forth your innate wisdom and guides you through various levels of self-love and personal empowerment as they relate to learning how to live a fulfilling life on all levels.

We offer an all-encompassing experience that teaches you the core teachings of Goddesses and how to awaken to your own sacred spiritual path. Take your spirituality from meditative or even into active practice like ritual work or chants. We cover a wide range of techniques to get you there including; Raja Yoga, Asana, Pranayama (breathing techniques), Mantra chanting, Choir life, Breathwork, Listening to the Divine Within (guided imagery) and more!

A personalized journey of spiritual awakening through the key elements and profound teachings of Goddess Spirituality.

You will learn to experience and remember your true nature through the practice of meditation. You will learn to activate your natural intuition, develop a calm, centered and present state of mind, and connect with a loving higher power.

This womens awakening sacred spiritual training course is an opportunity for you to deepen your connection to the divine within and create a life full of magic, love and abundance. This transformative course will usher in new consciousness, liberation and healing through sacred sound, music and ritual.

The Womens Awakening Sacred Spiritual Training Course is designed for women who are ready to tap into their higher self and awaken their spiritual practice, opening themselves up to the inner wisdom and guidance waiting for them in their body.

Experience inner awakening, connection and empowerment as we explore a profound new way of living your life. Our newly designed course is a four week journey that provides practical tools for personal transformation and spiritual self-care.

This is the most sacred experience you will ever have. You must be ready to surrender. Be cleansed of your ego, and bring in love, truthfulness, service and compassion

Goddess trainings are designed to help women awaken to their own divine potential, transform themselves into authentic goddesses, and use their extraordinary power to create a better world. Our community is dedicated to living a life of purpose and joy, while protecting and passing on the wisdom of the feminine spirit as we discover our true journey and purpose in life.

A course that will help you to discover your spiritual self and enlighten your soul. This course teaches how to access your power as a woman, especially as a woman who chooses to follow the Goddess path.

This training is for women who are ready to awaken to the Divine and transform their lives. We will use meditation, energy healing, sound healing, yoga and movement techniques to remind our minds, hearts and bodies of what we truly want in life. You will leave this workshop with a clear direction for how you can make those changes possible.

Women are daughters of God, and they have been given the special task to carry the glory of god into the world. The amazing power that women have is immeasurable. The gifts of intuition and intuition are powerful skills that can lead us safely through this challenging life journey. This training program will help unlock your divine potential and help you live life to it’s fullest.