Tantra Meditation Retreat Bali

Tantra Retreat in bali is a program designed to help you overcome loneliness and find deeper meaning of life through your senses. This experience is for everyone who wants to improve their love lives, restore confidence and self-esteem, and increase energy levels!

We are honored to invite you on this amazing journey, which will help you to explore your true potential and authentic being.

Tantra is a spiritual path, a way of life and a way of being. It is not just about the physical– it’s about connecting with yourself, your partner, and the divine – that is why we call it Tantra Retreat.

Tantra is for everybody and anybody! Tantra can help you find your true potential as a human being. We welcome all students at our retreats regardless of gender identity, sexual orientation, race/ethnicity, religious affiliation (or lack thereof) and nationality.

In this retreat, you will have the opportunity to learn some of the deepest techniques and ancient practices that are used by tantrics all over the world.

Tantra is a spiritual practice that can help you to transform your life into an inspiring journey of self discovery, healing and transformation. It is based on ancient teachings of love, acceptance and wisdom that have been passed down through generations.

Tantra is a holistic approach to life that focuses on body, mind and spirit balance as well as unconditional love in order to create peace within yourself. This retreat will help you find a deeper understanding of yourself while practicing new tools that will assist you in transforming your life into something more beautiful than what ever it was before.

Never before in history have so many people suffered from loneliness , stress, depression or physical health issues.

But you don’t have to.

There’s no way to go back and change your past, and even if there were, you don’t want to. You’re here now, in this moment—and so are we.

And that’s why we’ve created a special retreat experience just for you. It’s our gift to you

Tantra Retreat in Bali: A Journey Into Your Self. Love Rituals & Meditation Retreat with Avi and Elena (that’s us!).

This is an non residential seven day retreat that will allow you to disconnect from the stress and chaos of everyday life while enjoying our company and being in shared transformational practice with other like minded participants, as well as the pleasures of nature at its finest lush green forests filled with exotic flora, clear blue skies dotted by fluffy clouds drifting lazily across them, and beautiful balinese beach with crimson sunsets overlooking some of the most amazing ocean landscapes.

This program is a unique chance to discover ancient wisdom of tantra and to find deeper meaning of life through your senses. It’s a way to access your inmer wisdom.

Tantra is a non-dualistic approach to reality that teaches us to recognize and embrace the divine nature of ourselves, others and everything around us. This is a unique chance to discover ancient wisdom of tantra and to find deeper meaning of life through your senses.

The retreat will be conducted by experienced teachers who trained in India and around the world for over 12 years with various Tantric masters from all over the world. He will guide you through several practices including meditations, chanting, deep catharsis, family constellation (with music), watsu, contemplative self enquiry and tantric bodywork… as well as lifestyle advice, and group counselling as well as supporting each other

our deeply held negative self beliefs and negative voices can only be replaced by the voices of the crowd strongly refuting our long held negative self image and letting us know that we are not only good enough rather we are just great.

All practices are based on tantric principles such as harmony between mind/body/spirit – the concept that the body itself can become an instrument for spiritual awakening; primal energy – energy which sustains human life but which can also be transformed into higher states; chakras – energy centers within our bodies which must be opened before we can reach higher levels of consciousness; nadis – channels running throughout our bodies where prana travels during meditation

For men – to become better partners, more confident and successful in the workplace. For women – is to learn how to feel again beautiful, desired and attractive.

For men, this retreat is about becoming better partners, more confident and successful in the workplace.

For women, it’s about learning how to feel again beautiful, desired and attractive.

In this retreat you will learn how to awaken your natural libido and primal force by removing blockages from your energy system through Tantric rituals.

The energy flow channels are opened properly so that the energy can travel freely through your body. You will be able to experience real bliss during meditation or while making love!

This retreat is for both men and women who are interested in exploring tantra together as partners or independently as individuals who wish to increase their connection to their own source of power within themselves without any limitations or inhibitions – whatever works best for them individually at that time until they reach true liberation which has no boundaries whatsoever.”

This experience is for everyone who wants to improve their love lives, restore confidence and self-esteem, and increase energy levels! we welcome you with or without a partner. yea

This retreat will be an opportunity to share with others who are facing similar challenges in life. It will also provide you with tools that can help you with the challenges of everyday life.

Through meditation and mindfulness exercises we are able to bring ourselves back into balance when we feel overwhelmed by emotions such as anxiety or fear. The sessions will teach you how to take responsibility for yourself so that you can live your best possible life now!

The purpose of our retreat is to help you live your fullest potential from every aspect of life.

Our retreat is designed to help you live your fullest potential from every aspect of life. We have created a framework for teaching the ancient art of Tantra, which will be combined with personal growth, self-awareness and connection to others (including nature).

The program includes:

An introduction to Tantra and its principles;

Physical exercises that will help you feel more alive;

Meditation sessions on the beach & in the woods and many group and individual practices

Exploring our environments through movement and dance

Socializing with other participants
also we will go out to socialise with non participants to explore with the support of the group if we can apply the knowledge of the training to our daily life.

One to one discussions with other participants during meals & activities like sunset boat ride or massage sessions (optional).


The Tantra retreat in Bali will be a life-changing experience for you. You will discover a new way of living, feeling and thinking about yourself and others around you.

The benefits are truly endless: better relationships, more confidence, higher energy levels, self-acceptance and so much more

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  1. Good morning Avi and Elena,
    My name is Petra, currently living in Perth WA, however I’m looking at moving to Bali mid next year.
    I currently hold an International Certified certificate as a Coach/Practitioner in Traditional Tantra, and a Internationally recognised certificate as a Reiki Master.
    I would love to work in Bali from 1 to 5 years, as I totally believe in the beautiful process of Tantra, whether it being a one on one therapy or couples therapy, not forgetting the relaxing meridian touch of the An Mo tantric massage (non-sexual), plus the Chakra Balancing Treatment.
    I’ll be arriving in Bali for a couple of weeks soon to have a look around at opportunities, I’d be so grateful for any connections or advise.

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